What are the artwork requirements?

If you have the complete design layout of the entire garment you want printed in a vector format, then that is perfect.

However we realise sometimes this is not possible. So if you have all of the elements in hi resolution or in vector format, we can assemble the design for you free of charge. This is based on a fair use policy where you have to know exactly what element you want and where they are to be placed. We only offer one revision for free artwork.

Any other design work has fee’s attached. See below.

  1. Vectoring elements ($45.00) – when elements are low resolution and will not print nicely when enlarged for the garment, we can create a high resolution version for you that will print perfectly.

  1. Complete Design work ($90.00) – You tell us what you want by completing the design brief – If you have very specific design element (eg: a logo) that is of low quality, a vectoring change may need to be added. We will advise you when required.

All design packages have a maximum of 3 design revisions.

We understand that dealing with committees, and club members can be difficult, but, please come to a consensus of design requirements. Additional charges may apply, if additional design instructions are given once the process has started.

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